Shopify Marketing

60 Minute Strategy Call

Sometimes you know that your site needs something, but you’re not sure what. You have ideas and you know what you want to accomplish, but laying out the specific tasks and understanding the techniques is difficult.
We can help.
Schedule our exclusive 1-Hour Strategy Consultation Call. Our eCommerce website and marketing experts will evaluate your site in advance. Then you will have a private, one-on-one conference call to discuss what needs to be done on your Shopify site to help achieve your goals and maximize your success. You will receive a recording of your call so that you can play the advice back and review your results at any time.
It’s a great value and a great investment in your business.

Shopify Website Teardown

We Go Over Every Element of Your Website So You Can Grow

This is our most complete service. One of our experienced eCommerce marketing experts spends eight to ten hours focused alone. We walk through every system and process. We test for flow and usability on multiple browsers and on smartphones and tablets. We apply our experience and knowledge about sales and marketing psychology. And we look into the code for problems.

You will receive a detailed, customers report with everything we’ve learned about your website and your business along with specific recommendations and expert analysis. The report will be clear and easy to follow with code snippets explained, screen captures, and more. It’s our most advanced service and there’s simply nothing else like it on the market today to ensure the health of your online business.

  • Locate the “stop points” that are confusing, difficult, or unexpected

  • Evaluate the alignment of content and images with your target demo

  • Identify key points of risk-reversal or hesitation

  • Discover practical improvements that can be implemented fast to improve ROI

  • Find easy and cost-effective ways to increase value and build loyalty

Page Speed Performance

Trusted Stats, Actionable Tasks, Measurable Results
Page speed is vital for success on the modern web. Not only is page speed a core element of customer satisfaction and usability (UX), but now it is used by Google as a part of your page ranking for SEO. And as more and more of eCommerce traffic starts on mobile devices, it’s more important than ever for your site to load fast.
Comprehensive Speed Test & Analysis
Our page speed report is a powerful analytic engine. Every element of your website will be scanned by our analytics tools. You’ll receive a professional, comprehensive report via email. You’ll know what’s working fast and what’s slowing you down.
This service is eCommerce intelligence applied to analytics. You’ll not only receive the comprehensive Speed Test report, you'll also get a complete written analysis by our expert team. You’ll understand what can be changed cost-effectively, what to fix first, and when it should be done in order to get the most bang-for-the-buck.

Customer Targeting

Understand Who You're Selling To
The first rule of entrepreneurial success should be, “remember that you are not your customer.” Great eCommerce success starts with understanding your customer better than they understand themselves. Every dollar spent on marketing, SEO, and advertising without this detailed and thorough knowledge is a dollar wasted.
We’ll analyze your existing website, products, and services. We’ll also take a look at your top competitors too. Then we’ll access authoritative sources to develop a customer “persona” that goes beyond mere demographics that you can use to improve every aspect of your business from SEO and advertising to images and product selection.

SEO Audit

Get Found by the Right Customers
SEO is the bread and butter of most online businesses, and for good reason. If you get your SEO right, the perfect customers find you without spending a dime. But doing SEO right takes knowledge and experience.
When you get our SEO Audit, we take a deep dive into your code. We know that there are a hundred little things that can make small impacts. But the top ten SEO best practices – things that you can do – deliver 95% of the benefits. And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either.
We’ll identify your SEO weak points and tell you how to fix them.